Organiser Information

Why use Q-buster

  • It is easy for event organisers to create a customised entry form for any event.

  • You will be able to get detailed information on the entries made for your events.

  • There is no direct charge to event organisers for using Q-buster, the participant is charged £0.90 or 5% of their payment (whichever is greatest) for each entry.  However as part of Q-Busters commitment to quality sports development, if the event organiser (e.g. your running club, triathlon club etc) is affiliated to a recognised Governing Body of Sport such as Scottish Athletics or Scottish Triathlon then the fee to your participants is reduced, so each participant is only charged £0.60 or 5% of their payment (whichever is greatest) for each entry. 

  • Entrants receive a confirmation email when they enter an event.


How to create an entry form for your event

  • You can start creating your entry form right away just click on Register and you will be sent an automatic email with a password to use to get you started.

  • A basic entry page will take about 15 minutes to create.

  • Save your page at any stage if you want to come back to edit it later.  

  • When you have completed your entry page preview it so you can see what it will look like on the Q-buster website for your entrants.

  • When you are happy with your entry page click on the 'Make it Live' button in the event details section.


When the event has gone live you will be able to login as regularly as you like to review the entries that have been made.  You will be able to see at a glance how many people have entered your event and the entry fees collected so far.

After the event has taken place the entry fees will be transferred to the bank account you have given details of in your organiser information.